Great Aerial Filming Opportunities for Real Estate Agencies

Hi everyone! My name is Madina Abdrashitova. I am the founder of the video production company mDron. Our motto is "Always on the top."

The video was created for the real estate

For the past 20 years, I have been involved in creating advertising and documentary videos and films, and I am well-versed in all the trends in this industry. That's why I was one of the first in Costa del Sol to start recording videos with drones. I hold a pilot's diploma from the Virtual Land International School, as well as official pilot registration in Spain. Our team includes experienced videographers and directors.

But let's not just dwell on words; let's turn to statistics. Research shows that advertising videos with Aerial videography have a 68% higher likelihood of capturing customers' attention. Furthermore, properties advertised using aerial filming sell 32% faster and at a price 24% above the average.

Aerial videography is a significant advantage for real estate companies. Photos and videos captured with drones help showcase the most advantageous angles of houses, terraces, balconies, gardens, areas, and entire municipalities. Aerial videography provides us with the opportunity to display the beauty and grandeur of each project.

Be bold! The days of standard room corner photos are long gone. Now we can capture days and nights for you, play with perspective in the frame, like an artist creating masterpieces on the canvas of the sky. This is not just advertising; it's an art that delivers results.

Have you made your decision?

Then, write to us on WhatsApp at this number +34 675 968 740, and we will make a special offer for you, providing you with unique conditions.

The video was created for the real estate agency Phenix Properties Marbella

The video was created for the real estate agency Phenix Properties Marbella

Do you know what differentiation is? It's when you stand out from the crowd, when your voice is heard louder than others. Aerial videography makes your voice unique. It allows us to create a video where a potential buyer will feel like the owner of the property, strolling through the area and enjoying the sunset from their own balcony.